At Study Sutra we try to help students to score good marks and making their school or college an awesome experience.

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Hack your studies - Study Sutra

Hack your studies

Studies are not meant to make you feel burdened. We tell you, how to find the best technique which helps you.

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Planet of the Apps - Study Sutra

Planet of the Apps

We live in a world where almost everything is done through small devices like smartphones.

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Books we love - Study Sutra

Books we love

A book is the windows to some of the greatest minds in the world. We believe that books help grow in every way.

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What do we do at Study sutra?

Sutra is any short rule, like a theorem distilled into few words or syllables, around which teachings of ritual or any field of knowledge can be woven.

Here at study sutra, we continuously strive to find new ways to make studies easy and fun. Because Smart work is better than Hard work.

We believe in Holistic Studies i.e. studying to learn things and not to just pass examinations. We help students to acknowledge their potential and passion. Believing in the ideology that:

“Studying must not be a burden”

On the other hand, most of us struggle with finding the right job for ourselves, something that we love. Here at Study Sutra, we try to put out thoughts and content which will help you to open up your mind to the changing world.