How to build intense focus? – 7 practical tips

We have all been through that phase of life where you need to improve your focus to be better at studies. Nonetheless, most of us have lost our focus as a result of being overwhelmed by the distractions around us. When you begin to feel like you aren’t controlling...

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5 tips to prepare for an interview in 24hrs

How to prepare for an interview on a short notice Preparing for an interview is relatively easy if you’ve enough time. However, interviews most of the time don’t go according to the plan. Life happens, and for whatever reason, you may find yourself requested to attend...

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Say “I don’t know”

Say I don't know. And say it more often. One of the healthiest habits for the soul of a real person is the habit of saying “I don’t know.” I like those words. They smell of intellectual honesty. It gives a sense of courage. They connote a refreshing absence of egotism...

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