Say “I don’t know”

Say I don't know. And say it more often. One of the healthiest habits for the soul of a real person is the habit of saying “I don’t know.” I like those words. They smell of intellectual honesty. It gives a sense of courage. They connote a refreshing absence of egotism...

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Just take action

Take action. I can talk all day about how I’m going to build X, I’m going to make Y, I’m going to be the best on the planet, I’m going to “change the world”, and it won’t mean anything. It won’t mean anything if I can’t back it up with actions. Actions give power...

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Try writing your thoughts to keep your mind focussed

We all know this. Meditation is the best possible way to keep a check on your thoughts, but not everyone can sit and fight through to calm his/ her thoughts. Most of us will give up against our mind and continue to struggle with the mental turmoil. Meditation seems to...

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