It’s one of the common problems that every student faces in their academic life. Not able to build concentration while studying. Ones you make your mind to study, you can keep your mind on track for sometimes then automatically it will divert because your mind gets tired keeps diverging to any other interesting topic. Most students are keenly influenced by the technological devices. It attracts their mind and disturbs students on focussing on studies.

Concentrating while studying can be harder especially when the subject is not interesting or not ones favorite subject. So it’s common that your mind loses concentration in such cases and moves apart from studies. For everyone studies have never been the most exhilarating aspects of the school. Some people are born as bookworms and they need nothing they just need books they are an inborn genius but some people like us need some tips to keep our mind focused and concentrated on the subject which we are studying.

Avoid electronics devices

The most important thing you have to do before you start your studies is, move your electronic devices from your room or from your study place. As we know youngsters are mainly influenced by the electronic devices such as mobile phones, television, computer this may cause a disturbance in your studies.

Ones you start your studies you should fix a time when to stop and when to restart your studies. So if electronic devices are in your room or in your study space your mind automatically moves to it and ones you start operating it then you will not able concentrate on studies. So turn off every electronic device.


As you know meditation is a strong tool which will help you to improve your concentration power. As our day to day life is filled with stress and challenges yoga and meditation will help you to keep your mind body healthy and calm. Ones your mind is relaxed you can easily concentrate on studies and it will help you sustain for a long time.

So give little time to your mind and body to calm. Meditation will help you to cool and calm. If you want to concentrate on your studies you have to take care of your body and mind. Start your morning by focussing on your inhalation for a few minutes. It will really help you in studies.

Create study environment

We are always surrounded by people are some other technological kinds of stuff so it’s your own responsibility to create a study environment avoid things and persons who or which distracts you from the study. If you want to study and concentrate it’s in your hand. Find some quiet and private area like your personal room or library which will definitely help you to concentrate and continue with studies.

Everyone has their own preference and comfort zone. Some can study and concentrate in the loud area but some cant its depend upon your comfort so understand your comfort zone then prepare like that which will definitely help you to concentrate and study without any hindrance.

Take a break in between study

Your mind will feel tired when you study continue without any break. So avoid that. Take some break of ten or fifteen minutes then again go to study. You will feel fresh and there will not be any kind of fatigue or tiredness in your mind and body. Never give overstrain to your body and mind. It will not give any contribution to your studies. Ones your mind is tired you can read it but you will not able to concentrate. So giving break in-between study is very important and necessary.

Keep strong determination

To gain concentration you must have the determination and willpower to study. Ones you gathered it then nothing can stop you. If you are strongly determined to study and want to attain a good score then you can avoid all the distracting things without much effort. You can bring your mind and body together and you can keep focus.

These are some tips through which we can focus on our studies. Beyond this what you need is confidence. Self-confidence is the main thing that no one gives to you. You have to be confident and trust your quality and hard work. First, you have to help yourself then you can do anything.


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