We started with a question in mind "Do we really need to study 16 hours a day to score good marks ?" Isn't there a way to achieve same results with less but systematised efforts? We think there is. We believe there is nothing in this word which cannot be simplified in easy words, just one have  to start.

Our Story

Every thing has a beginning, and here we talk about ours. Being a student, I was always tried to find easy ways to do boring hard tasks. Seriously speaking doing same thing whole of your life (Ehh... Boring).

Solving problems became an adventure when start finding new ways to do old tasks. This blog is an effort to help you to be the best at your craft and learn new ways look at things.


From topics such as Time Management to study and revision plans, learning some of the best practices adopted by students and teachers worldwide.

"Learning is not what happens behind closed walls and with few text books, its a life-long urge to be better at your craft"


We bring you access to various tools and techniques which will help you to achieve better grades (with studying less) in your school or college examination.



I am Prajjwal Kaushik, the geek behind this blog. I am a Chartered Accountant aspirant (soon gonna be one). But, I love expressing my ideas through words and pictures. Reading books is my drug (just kidding). Having a goal to help you build remarkable school experience and helping you to fight boring studies.