About Study Sutra

Why was it all started?

We started with a question in mind

“Do we really need to study 16 hours a day to score good marks ?”

Isn’t there a way to achieve same results with less but systematized efforts? We think there is. We believe there is nothing in this word which cannot be simplified in easy words, just one has to start

Is it all restricted to Study Tips?

Hell No.

Here at Study Sutra, We know that scoring good marks is 90% of times what matters for students

But what about the other 10%?

Excelling at career and life is not only about studies and good marks. It’s beyond that. It’s about being good at everything whether it’s health, relationships, money,  being a responsible human being or any other thing for that matter.

You will get content rich blog posts about everything that matters for you to be the best human being.

What do we do?

You know that just going to class, getting good grades, and graduating with a degree isn’t good enough anymore. You know that being successful in life takes a bit more work.

You’ve got the drive and the ambition. So where do you go from here?

Welcome to Study Sutra. This blog is dedicated to helping you build a remarkable career, which in turn will lead to an amazing life.

This is not your typical college blog. You won’t find articles with 10 Tips to Escape the friend zone or 6 Ways to Hack Your Laundry. 

That bite-size, regular, boring content has already been written hundreds of times on other blogs.

I’m not interested in it.

This blog is all about winning at life and talking about big ideas. Having a greater vision towards life.

Here at Study Sutra, you’ll find in-depth, insanely useful articles covering the things you truly need to know in order to be a successful student.

These are the three main focuses here at Study Sutra:

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