How do we define the term inner voice?

Most of us are unaware of what they are going through within themselves. Rather we can say, they have that vague idea about it but never had the acceptance. Because accepting the pictures of their life could make it look like as if
they were just walking on the path of the way that is destined for them.

We all believe in this strategy since the day we’ve born because this is what our surroundings have taught us about life. No matter what comes our way, we have to confront it even if we are without any preparations.

Have you ever noticed that at some point in our life we have that feeling of not letting things happen the way they were meant because we don’t feel right doing it at that particular moment?

We don’t get that spark in the moment for making certain things happen.This is because we don’t want it from within ourselves. And this call from deep down inside us is termed as an inner voice.

Many times you must have heard people talking about “the voice” they hear all the time, telling them why they shouldn’t do things, why they’re not good enough, reminding them why they should be fearful or causing them to fret over their decisions.

Once you start listening to this voice, it feels like your head is bursting with all the other possible voices. You can’t let these voices get out of your head unless you start thinking of them. But the question here arises is, can you trust these instincts of yours?

Obviously, you cannot trust them wholeheartedly. In every bracket of life, we have two possibilities, either things may go right or they may go wrong.

But as Frank Herbert has quoted, “Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps, the sleeper must awaken ”.

So you have to take new chances for new opportunities. And you cannot laid back and not experience new things in
the fear of failure or rejection. You had to ask for the opportunity and work for it. And in the same way, you have to listen to these intuitions because this is the voice that is best for you as it comes from your within. You have to be confident in who you are and comfortable with making the ask from yourself.

If you want to become a leader in the field you’re in, start asking the leaders in your field for bits of advice on how to be the best. But foremostly, ask yourself about it, whether you actually want to be a leader or not. And that instinct you get while asking this question to yourself brings you to the point where you learn things from yourself.

It is very important to know and understand everything from our inner voice because this gives us the inner stability and focus in our lives. And we can achieve this stability through different approaches listing below:

Trust your instincts:

New approaches can often involve risk. Listening to our intuitions can feel uncomfortable for some. However, our intuition is just as valid as anything else and today’s reading suggests that we might want to listen to that inner voice more often.

We have to listen not just to our mental thoughts but to our body as well. Discomfort with a decision often exhibits physical symptoms such as sleepless nights, nausea, hypertension and so on. We might ignore these signs of physical illness because of the discomfort we are facing for making a decision, but if we pay attention we’ll likely find that we have the same physical reactions to ignoring our inner voice time after time.

The more often we would be able to recognise our instincts, the more comfortable we’ll become to trust them. There is only one person who does everything that you suppose to do on this earth and that is you, yourself. So having faith and a positive attitude within yourself is very important.

Meditation helps to channelize thoughts.

Beginning a meditation practice can be both exciting and intimidating. If you asked 10 different people what style of
meditation they practice, you might get 10 different answers. It’s common to feel overwhelmed and uncertain as to here or how to get started.

The best way to begin is to familiarize yourself with some of the different types of meditation to see what makes you comfortable in. This practice can make you introspect the most of you.

You’ll be able to find yourself in the first place. Moreover, meditation helps channelize all those voice that comes from within so that you’re able to achieve your right decision in life. It makes your thoughts process more proactive and confident.

Be patient and believe in yourself.

You have to believe in yourself and ignore what other people impose their thoughts on you. Many times we are put in a situation where we feel like we’re rushing over things to make them right, but instead of getting pushed by others, you have to deal with such like situations.

You need to give some break and be patient to let your mind and soul connect with each other. So when you want to get feedback from your inner voice, get the feedback over a couple of days or more. Don’t put pressure on yourself to get an answer right now, right here. And believe in yourself because your inner voice will guide you to the right lessons and experiences so that you can evolve.

No other man can decide what’s right for you, just listen to the voice that speaks inside. At the end, what we need to remember is that life is filled with all ups and downs. And we cannot control over the events that God has planned for us. What we have in our hands is to make these events happier and joyful and less depressing and sad.

However, we don’t know where we’re going or what our path looks like. All you have to do is calm down and pay attention. Believe in yourself and your inner voice, because in the end, your inner voice is always going to stay with you and support you.

So don’t panic with life’s harsh gifts. Just accept whatever comes your way and notice how your inner voice works.

About Inara Khan

An indoorsman, a bibliophile, and a gallivanter, usually loves to explore and showcase those experiences in words. Currently pursuing B.Sc. Hons.(Mathematics) from Lady Shriram College for Women, University of Delhi. She is usually expected to be good with numbers but her heart and mind excel with words. Not very interactive with people but expresses her beliefs and thoughts fearlessly.

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