Someone rightly said “Great creative minds think like artists but work like accountants”

In this article, we will be discussing the most asked question from students i.e. “How to study for long hours with focus.” If you look at it closely you will see that there are two distinct questions coupled in one question – How to study for long hours & How to study with focus.

You can study for long hours with focus but that will take a lot of practice in terms of:

  • Making most out of your study sessions;
  • Studying without distractions;
  • Building habits at the same level of depth of study.

Before we start talking about studying for long hours – One thing that we all should agree upon is that we need to build a habit in order to study for longer hours with focus.

In other words, I would say you cannot study with focus – if it’s not in your habit to study. Therefore, If anywhere in the article if you feel that I’m talking about building a habit to study that would it self-lead to more study hours.

To achieve the goal of studying for longer hours with focus, instead of telling you guys what should be done. I have framed a few questions, that you need to ask yourself to achieve the desired focus and concentration while studying.

Life is less about answers but more about asking right questions – Anonymous

Where you’ll study and How long?

In order to make a habit of studying for long hours, you would need to specify to yourself a location for yourself. This can be as simple as your room or a library or a coffee shop. But the point here is to make it specific.

Being specific will take away the chance of wasting the useless energy of thinking about where you will be studying?

Also, you need to specify – for how long you will be studying – focus hours you will give to your studies.

This clearly means that you won’t be doing anything else during that time. Also, be specific about the time like morning, evening – after class/ office.

How you’ll study once you start working?

This question requires answer in terms of specifics like what subject you will be studying, how you will study that specific subject, how you will take notes, what resources you’ll use while studying, What books you will be using, Whether you will need your laptop or not all these questions need to be answered in specific.

Your study time and habit need rules and processes to keep your mind and efforts structured and concentrated so that you can achieve the goal of making most of your time while studying.

If you skip this step, you will need to mentally stress each time you need to study a new topic or every 30 minutes when you will have any new idea about anything. These are unnecessary drains on your willpower and would make it harder to focus on your studies.

How will you support your study sessions?

This means your habit should include the things that will ensure that you have the necessary energy to support your brain with a level of focus and depth while studying. This will help your brain to be more active and clear.

For example, the habit might specify that you will start studying with a cup of coffee in the morning and then study for 3 hours and then go for a 10-15 min walk. Have some fruits and lot of fresh water/ lime water.

With these 3 questions – you can easily achieve your goal to study with a focus for long hours.

But, lastly, I would suggest you do not keep it up to this level only – keep trying things that suit your daily routine. Finding right habits for yourself might require a high amount experimentation and patience which will come only if you have your goal in your mind.

Try it for a week and keep making small changes wherever required.