Readers often ask me what tools and resources I use for getting things done, managing time, educating myself, and running this blog. I’ve created this page so you have a handy reference to those resources. This page will evolve over time as I discover new resources, so I’d recommend bookmarking it!

Google Calendar

This has been my trusty calendar for many years. Learning to use it early on helped me managing my time – an essential skill in college. You can create as tabs as you want for different aspects of your life. As a bonus, you can also show your Wunderlist tasks as calendar events if you want.

Habitica – Habit Tracker

A habit tracking app that I use every single day. I use it for smaller habits – remembering to exercise, cleaning desk, writing a journal, reading 30 minutes a day, etc. Without it, I’m prone to letting work take over my life and forgetting to do these things. With it, I’m a small-habit superhero.

Tomighty – Pomodoro Timer

One of the most effective ways to immediately stop procrastinating is to use the Pomodoro Technique: set a timer for 25 minutes, commit to one task, and do nothing but that task until the timer dings. I do this almost every day, and I use Tomighty – a free app for Mac and PC – as my timer.

Toggl – Time Tracker

“What gets measured gets managed.” When you don’t track the time you spend working, you’re prone to overestimate how long you actually work. When you do track your time, you’ll start to realize just how much you actually work. That, in turn, lets you make targeted improvements. Toggl is a simple, free time-tracking tool that lets you gain those insights.

Google Drive – Cloud Storage

Believe me, this is a lifesaver. Earlier I used it to keep my important documents. But lately, started using it to save everything. Initially, it comes with 15GB of storage. However, the same can be expanded by purchasing more storage.

Anki – Spaced Repetition

The best SRS (spaced-repetition) flashcard program out there. If you need to learn a bunch of facts for a test, or are learning language vocab, you’d be insane not to use Anki.

Pocket Cast – Podcast Manager

Like audiobooks, podcasts are a great way to learn while you’re working out, commuting, cooking, etc. Both iOS and Android come with default podcast apps that work well, but as a podcast addict, I think Pocket Casts is the best podcast manager out there.

Evernote – Note Manager

This app can be described as my second brain. All my class notes, ideas, blog post research, important scraps of information, non-important scraps of information, half-finished poems, story drafts, travel plans, and everything else is stored in Evernote.

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