We all are living in a smartphone era. A life where we all sleep within hands reach of our smartphones and those continuous blinking notifications keep us busy all the day. Being online and swiftly responding all the emails and messages might make us feel more productive.

But the truth is, our mind is not programmed to be constantly in “go” mode and this overwhelming stimulation to our brain leads to serious negative health impacts including higher stress levels and lack of focus. If I say we have lost the art of being bored and reflect on whatever is happening in our lives, I won’t be wrong.

Our solution? Good old-school boredom.

Taking time to get bored and letting your pause and reflect this fast pacing life is actually one of the best things that you can do for your health.

Here are a few reasons to turn your phone off, clear out your busy schedule and take some time out to simply do nothing:

1.     Avoiding Tech Addiction:

     Smartphone addiction is a real thing, and it’s not pretty. You may feel anxious, upset, restless and may experience imaginary cell phone vibration when your phone isn’t around.

Smartphone has taught us to be constantly occupied, on the contrary doing nothing and slowing down may make you anxious. But in the long term, slowing down can actually make you more productive and creative.

So next time, you have five minutes or a full hour to kill, keep your phone aside and do it old fashioned way: Let this boredom take you wherever it wants to, whether it’s daydreaming, doodling or just sitting around.

2.     Creativity stems from Boredom:

Do not think of boredom as a waste of time, instead consider as a break for your mind to breathe and rejuvenate to get some good ideas.

“Boredom becomes a seeking state,” says Texas A&M University psychologist Heather Lench. Remember your childhood when you had nothing to do and eventually you did invent some weird, fun game to play—with a cardboard box, a light switch, whatever.

Similarly, American writer and philosopher Robert M. Pirsig once said: “Boredom always precedes a period of great creativity.” Same thing happens with some of the other greatest creative minds in the world, they got their best ideas when they were doing nothing. So next time you need great ideas, embrace boredom.

3.     It makes you a Meditative Mind:

Of course, I won’t ask you to sit all day doing nothing. But always being busy and keep running in a race for more is not good, as well. I think of boredom as a meditator’s breath. Doing nothing and being aware of the moment is the whole essence of being mindful. Better focus, good sleep, improved EQ and better decision-making are a few of the benefits that come along with being a meditative mind.


In our constantly-connected world, boredom may be an elusive state, but it is a fertile one. Watch those moving clouds or water boil, or at least put away your smartphone for a while. You might unlock your next big idea.